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SHORT BIO: When I was in second grade, my teacher told me I could draw as I tried to recreate the animals from the African continent from a Disney movie I had seen that weekend with pencil and color crayons. Until that time, we colored inside the lines. The creative gene sparked an interest in photography. I discovered that you could make memories permanent with film if only with a Brownie Starflash in black and white. A few classes in college and independent study have encouraged me to use the camera to "see" the world in my unique way. Now, unofficially "retired", I enjoy using my camera when attending concerts and driving backroads. Come with me on a tour of my galleries.

GEAR: I have used Nikon equipment since 1973. I currently use 2 Nikon bodies: the full-frame D700 and D800 for their low light capability and fast lenses for sharp images and versatility: 14-24mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8. 70-200mm f2.8 and 85mm f1.4 Thank-you for looking.


TESTIMONIALS: Sam Lax of Acorn Project, a Bellingham, WA based electro-funk rock band: "Judy Tilley and clikrf8 images provided us with outstanding high resolution photos from several Acorn Project performances. She has a unique ability to capture the energy of any given moment and her eye provides a highly artistic quality found in her photography. A skilled professional recommended for any occasion." band website:

Rob Zolezzi, R-tist Management Group who manages Shane Dwight, American roots music artist: "We receive thousands of photos every year of Shane performing at various festivals and venues around the world. Only a small handful of photographers show the professionalism and artistic vision that Judy Tilley always seems to capture. When we need high quality, top notch performance photos of Shane for promotion, we go to Judy." band website:

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